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1. | Jan 9, 2018
2. | Sep 4, 2013
would be too much work, when it rains your basically pliynag on glue, when its not raining its impossible to slide or dive, and tethering the bunkers down would be slightly harder in sand. Also, warfare? We are just pliynag a sport like basketball or football, not trying to recreate war, thats what airsoft people do.
3. | Sep 2, 2013
Let me just start this off saying I am a teen parnet. My son is three and I have been dating his father for over seven years. I definitely believe you about all the random hookups and yes even sex tapes. But I was a part of the impact program for teen moms and not one single girl in there was any of the girls from those stories. They were very focused on their children and growing up. None of them pawned their kid(s) off on there parnets and they didn't get pregnant on purpose. Yes maybe a bad judgment call but they nor have I messed up our lives.
4. | Aug 27, 2013
Hey, Adam, don't you think the freshwater agnrels of SJ would be better served by the State eliminating the trout stocking and focusing instead on enhancing the habitat and numbers of those species more natural to the region, like bass, crappie, and pickeral? Trout (and trout stamps) don't fit in slow-moving, warmer blackwater, except that the State can make a few extra bucks by convincing spring and fall Saturday agnrels that they're really fishing with fly-rods and nymphs in the fast moving streamwaters of upstate New York.
5. | Aug 23, 2013
This is for you, My Best Friend. The only one person who i can tell my soul to,The one who can reatle me like no other person could,The person who i can share my laughter with, sharing my tears with,Who can solve the problem when i am in need of help?Never Having Ur Back turned on me when I’m all alone,Or telling me that i wasn’t good enough for any…
6. | Aug 19, 2013
I actually will be going to Paintball deal by mylesf since I screwed the whole trying-to-rally-my-friends-cause-my-email-didn't-send debacle. I hope like always, I will get to make new friends. As long as they're not too unhappy with me pelting them with paint balls. I wrote an email to a friend one time, I told her that I realize most of my friends are super busy with life, and if I ever have to wait for my friends to join me for the things that I wanted to do, I will may never be able to do anything.Anyway, I do agree on other requirements :1. The discount is for somewhere real close, which means roughly 15-20 min. away.2. It is not reliant on getting more than 4 people to do.3. The date of usage will be chosen before the “coupon” is purchased.4. It is something I REALLY want to do and not just a random, cool looking thingSo, I do agree with you 75% on that.